Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Guess who's fat, fat again...

Looking back at 2009 when I had lost 80 lbs and reached my weight loss goals -  a common question I would get was, "Are you afraid of gaining the weight back?" This was certainly a reasonable question - there are lots of data that show most people who lose a significant  amount of weight gain it right back... At that time - finally living all of the glory of being healthy - I was convinced I was the exception and there was no chance I would gain even 1 of the 80 lbs I had shed over the two year period.

Over the next few years, I managed to keep my word to myself: 2010 - still fit, 2011 - still fit, 2012 - ever fitter, 2013 - still fit. For five years I maintained my healthy weight and reveled in looking and feeling great. And then: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/36716808/ns/health-diet_and_nutrition/t/when-you-lose-weight-gain-it-all-back/#.VhQOUqJsT08 "2/3 of dieters gain the weight back within 4-5 years." Yup - here I am...

During 2014 I started to watch the pounds trickle back on - well not really watch, because I refused to step on a scale, but I knew it was happening. My pants started to get snug - I convinced myself it was OK to buy a COUPLE pair of pants in a size twelve (I had been down to an 8 in 2012, but mostly maintained a 10) and then by 2015 I had bought two pair of size 14 shorts. Although I ended up returning the size 14 shorts as I could not get myself to that level of commitment and acceptance that I was regressing and getting fat again. My face started to pump up - I didn't recognize my face in my photos and after awhile stopped getting in photos all together. I had gained 50 of the 80 lbs back by Christmas of 2014. Devastation is an understatement.

Over the next 9 mos or so I was committed to getting my "2012 self" back again. I began counting calories and exercising again. The scale was not moving and my clothes were not fitting any better. I did manage to lose 10 lbs in 3 months at the start of year, however no other major strides were made otherwise. Ive heard time and time again that losing the weight the second time around is even harder and adding in the fact that I am now over 30 to add to the misery.

It really has come down to the acceptance factor of admitting that I am doing something wrong. something about how I lost weight the first time isn't effective this time and I have to do some digging to find out whats next.

Research. Research Research. IVE FOUND IT! "IF" INTERMITTENT FASTING.

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