Friday, October 23, 2015

Fasting while sick?

So my goal of getting 3 fasts in this weekend did not happen as I have a very annoying cold. I have read articles that promote fasting while sick and that it will allow one's body to heal faster. Well when im sick i want comfort food. So thats exactly what ive been doing. Jimmy Johns, doritos, OJ, milk - all of my favorites... Guess what - I am totally feeling the drag. The drag of being sick PLUS the drag of feeling like crap. So today I sucked it up and am fasting. Not going to  lie - it was very hard earlier in the day... Probably comparable to the very first day I fasted and failed. But because of my previous fasting experience I knew the hunger would pass, not build so i am offically only 2 hours away from food. I also have yet to get my 3 days in. I did two days last week, but had a very rough Friday so I let my emotions get the best of me. I cant dwell on it - I just have to move on and let next week be a fresh week  and go for 3 days again. Overall its working well - i havent weighed myself yet - but peopel have been commenting that I am looking slimmer - I hope they are being honest and not just feeding into it cause they know I am fasting... This is a week where I really wish I would have fasted 3 days as we are doing a family boat day tomorrow and I feel bloated and yucky from all of the crap ive put into my body this week. Lesson learned. Thats all I can do is allow this week to be a learning experience and solidify for myself WHY i am taking on the fasting routine. I also spent alot more $$ on food this week, Its amazing how fasting even two days a week - 4 meals - makes a difference in my budget. Normally after my Friday Fast I would head over to the Locale Market and have a deliscous salad, but I am heading up to my parents. A decision I am soon regretting. I guess I can go locale THEN go to my parents. I guess I will have to think about it. First world problems.

Boring post, but no more real revelations have come out of today other than fasting while sick also makes me feel better and is giving me more energy. Who would have thought?

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